Daily Bark!

May the Fourth Be With You!!

Happy Star Wars Day!


National Bath Day!



That’s face when one of our fukids hears “Bath”...lol! Then she lowers her head and walks away like nothing was said!

How is bath day in your home?  Is it big chase to get them in?  Is it Wrestle Mania holding them in the tub...lol?  Do you have to have a treat to lure them in?  How often do they get baths?

Our kids, on a good month, get two bath days.  Some days it’s a chase to get them in the bathroom...lol!  Once in the bathroom, sometimes, they just jump right in.  After bath time, on a nice day, we enjoy family time out in the sun as they air dry.

From our Fur-family to your’s,

Have a fun bath day!