Daily Bark!

National Son & Daughter's Day!


Happy Son’s and Daughter’s Day to our Furkids!

Bella and Walker, you are our world. We are so blessed that you adopted us and trust us to take care of you and spoil you rotten.

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We are always scheduling private photo sessions (on location).  For more information click Contact tomorrow send us an email or give us call at (980) 272-7811.

May the Fourth Be With You!!

Happy Star Wars Day!


National Dog Biscuit Day


Dog Biscuit Day!!!

Yep one of the many things Dogs go bonkers for is upon us…

Happy Dog Biscuit Day! Almost every dog loves biscuits. Our two rug rats loves them. One is good and the other just goes bananas…lol! Sorry, I take that back, they both just crazy for them!

So does your furkids get a special biscuit that you give on certain occasion like today? We definitely do! Hope you give them something special today!

AND!!! Don’t forget to check out upcoming EVENTS to enter our drawings for a FREE 14x20 canvas print with a Photo Session.

National Bath Day!



That’s face when one of our fukids hears “Bath”...lol! Then she lowers her head and walks away like nothing was said!

How is bath day in your home?  Is it big chase to get them in?  Is it Wrestle Mania holding them in the tub...lol?  Do you have to have a treat to lure them in?  How often do they get baths?

Our kids, on a good month, get two bath days.  Some days it’s a chase to get them in the bathroom...lol!  Once in the bathroom, sometimes, they just jump right in.  After bath time, on a nice day, we enjoy family time out in the sun as they air dry.

From our Fur-family to your’s,

Have a fun bath day!

National Pet Day!


Happy National Pet Day!

Every day is National Pet Day in our home, I mean come on how is it not! They get free food, belly and back scratches, oh did I mention sleep wherever please!

Like the saying goes on our home, “It’s really the dogs home we just pay the mortgage”. Besides they have the most Pawsomest Pawrents ever who love them unconditionally! So given them extra loves today and spoil them rotten!

Happy Valentine's Day


Happy Pawlentine's Day!

We hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with Hugs, kisses, snuggles, nose bonks, belly rubs, happy pawings and most of all lots of treats!

From our Furfamily to yours have a pawriffic day!

Pet Supermarket Valentine's Day Photo Event

Hello Furfamily,

We had a fun time this past weekend meeting all the Furkids.  We want to thank all the Pawrents who came by and saw us.  We hope to see everyone again soon.

We are currently scheduling private photo sessions for the Spring and Summer.  Hurry and schedule your date! 

For more information click Contact to send us an email or give us call at (980) 272-7811.

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Great Weekend!

Hello Furfamily,

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  We had a good turn out at Pet Supermarket for Valentine's Day photos.  We met a couple of adorable furkids available for adoption with Gods Grace Canine Rescue.  We also had a cute kitten stop by to get a Valentine's Day photo with us.  We will be out there again Saturday February 10th.  So come on out we would love to meet your furkids!  If you have any questions, click on Events for more information.

Also we are looking to attend the Pineville's annual Paws in the Park.  Bring your furkids out and see what they have to offer.  While your there come see us and register for a drawing for a free mini photo session.

From our Furfamily to yours, Have a safe and wonderful week!